Update The International Media Industry Situation

Update The International Media Industry Situation

1. China

ByteDance is valued at $ 75 billion, which is 20 to 25 times more revenue. Each monthly active user MAU costs $ 625.
Toutiao’s Time on Site is 74 minutes, our country also has many products up to 63 minutes, source of SimilarWeb.
It is clear that ByteDance Toutiao tested the good features on the previous version of Tau. Topbuzz is very slow to update.
In addition, Topbuzz is only open for US account registration.
The source of English official news of Topbuzz is extremely limited. It is not clear whether Topbuzz has not pushed strongly, or that American-British official newspapers have not sold to China.
Of course Toutiao will go to any country to be wary, it’s not easy. Baidu failed in Vietnam in 2011 as a precedent.

Consuming Topbuzz content is not as easy as TikTok. Topbuzz’s AI does not keep up, so if you want to get a meaningful news stream, you have to manually filter (manually) a lot. UX of Topbuzz in addition to scrolling, the operation is very extreme because of the small button.
So, using the true Topbuzz mass + entertainment, but to be a news reader, still can’t pass – a hèm – classic RSS.
Finally, if you want to read news so that investment / speculation must return to specialized financial products. The selling price per daily active user is also higher than finance.

2. Sweden

Spotify’s Recommendation set has the following output channels:
i. Made For You, limited to 6 channels. Machine learning learns the taste of the listener. For example, in 2018, the child of Tai includes 6 channels: Baroque, Folk Rock, Progressive Bluegrass, Mando Urban Folk + Cantopop, Acid Jazz.
ii. Discover Weekly + Release Radar. How it works similar Made For You.
iii. Fans Also Like: This is the part with high relevance. The probability of a hit is higher than Made For You.
iv. Play lists
The play lists introduced by default are too bad, or at least have an extremely low relevance. Tastebreaker also suffered.

If you don’t look at Fans Also Like, only Made For You will have problems: exhausting a sub-genre that Spotify’s learning machine finds. Using human power to consume real content is very time consuming, but by finding out all of Spotify’s sub-genres, the data set is too limited.

So Toutiao and Spotify’s machine learning have in common:
* Can serve customers without manipulation, do not want to manipulate much, mass.
* Power users must also manually filter, machine learning runs too slowly or is limited. Power users torture themselves so products become counter-intuitive.

More stories.
The Facebook scandal affair for Spotify access API messages is a misleading attempt of Spotify. Spotify wants to gather all of Spotify’s space experiences, which is wrong.
Where the attention of the user cannot be collected. Because LITTLE listeners like me had to spot Spotify + YouTube + iQiyi + new physical tapes temporarily covering the most basic needs.
Spotify DON’T do what YouTube is doing well, but it is not good to work on YouTube.

The best artists have come out thanks to Fans Also Like without appearing in Made For You:

1. Restoration 伏 仪
Genre: Mandofolk, Mandopop
Boys born in 1989. Weibo only has 48K followers. According to population and internet penetration, this is equivalent to a Vietnamese artist with 3K Facebook follower.
Sing and hang at nothing, release the letter lightly like no. It leaks like it permeates every layer of paper.


2. Nocturne 曳 取
Genre: Folk, Mandofolk, Folk Rock
Sing both English and Mandarin. Play underground in Beijing.


3. 2 Men 4 Soul
Genre: Acid Jazz


4. Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber
Genre: Baroque ARRIVAL


(Transate google from https://www.facebook.com/taitran/posts/10156575109426693)

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