The Most Expensive Vietnamese Paintings

The set includes 51 watercolors painted in 1889 depicting the landscape of North Vietnam made by artist Lam Thu Hau (the name is not stamped on Sotheby’s official website) The set is sold for 524,000 Hong Kong dollars (nearly 1.5 billion dong).

Legende des Tay Son Lam Thu Hau
Legende des Tay Son Lam Thu Hau

The “Purple Curtain” of painter Le Pho was performed from 1942-1945. In April 2012, in Hong Kong, the “Purple Curtain” was auctioned at HK $ 2.9 million (over VND 8 billion). At this point, this is considered the highest price ever paid for an art work by a Vietnamese painter.

Bức màn tím – Lê Phổ

The picture “Two girls” by painter Mai Trung Thu painted in 1942.

Hai thieu nu mai trung thu
Hai Thieu Nu by Mai Trung Thu

The painting “The medicinal tree” by painter Le Pho, painted in 1932.

Hái Cây Thuốc - Lê Phổ
Hái Cây Thuốc – Lê Phổ

The picture “Look from the top of the hill” by painter Le Pho was done in 1937. The painting has reached the selling price of 840,000 US dollars (18.2 billion dong) in November 2014 when being auctioned in Hong Kong. . Now this is the most expensive picture of a Vietnamese painter who ever appeared at an auction.

Nhìn Từ Đỉnh Đồi – Lê Phổ

The “Two Young Women” paintings by painter Tran Van Tho (1917-?, Unnamed on Sotheby’s official website) sold for 52,500 Hong Kong dollars (147 million dong).

Hai nguoi phu nu tre Le van tho

The “Five Young Girls” paintings by artist Mai Trung Thu were auctioned at a price of 625,000 Hong Kong dollars (over 1.7 billion dong).

Nam co gai tre Mai Trung Thu
Nam co gai tre Mai Trung Thu


Types of uniforms of the Nguyen court were performed by painter Nguyen Van Nhan. The set of 54 watercolors has reached Hong Kong’s selling price of 680,000 dollars (nearly 2 billion dong).

Nguyen Dynasty Nguyen Van Nhan
Nguyen Dynasty Nguyen Van Nhan


The “The seller of rice” by painter Nguyen Phan Chanh drew in 1932. In May 2013, this art work was sold at a price of US $ 390,000 (nearly VND 8.5 billion) in Hong Kong. At that time, the work set a record of the price paid for a fine art work of Vietnamese painters.

Người Bán Gạo - Nguyễn Phan Chánh

The picture “Woman looking through the balcony” by painter Mai Trung Thu, painted in 1940, was auctioned in Hong Kong at the price of 600,000 Hong Kong dollars (nearly 1.7 billion dong).

Nguoi phu nu dung ben ban cong Mai Trung Thu
Nguoi phu nu dung ben ban cong Mai Trung Thu


The “Two Sisters” was made in 1940. The work was auctioned in Hong Kong and reached a price of HK $ 250,000 (over VND 700 million).

Hai Chị Em Gái - Lê Phổ

The “Hầu Đồng” painting was painted in 1931 by painter Nguyen Phan Chanh.

Hầu Đồng - Nguyễn Phan Chánh

The painting “Little brother” of painter Tran Binh Loc (1914-1941) was painted in 1936, costing 427,500 Hong Kong dollars (1.2 billion dong).

Đứa Em Nhỏ - Trần Bình Lộc

The “Small Family” was made in 1940. The work used to cost 740,000 Hong Kong dollars (2 billion).

Gia Đình Nhỏ - Lê Phổ

The “Crooked Girl” by painter Nguyen Phan Chanh.

Cô Hàng Xen - Nguyễn Phan Chánh

Le Pho’s “Portrait of Missing Woman and Lotus”, performed in 1939, has achieved a price of 1,240,000 Hong Kong dollars (nearly 3.5 billion VND).

Chân Dung Thiếu Phụ Bên Hoa Sen - Lê Phổ

The “Mother and Child” picture once reached a price of 1,160,000 Hong Kong dollars (more than 3.2 billion).

Mẹ Và Con - Lê Phổ

The picture “Road to Thay Pagoda” by painter Tran Duy (1922-2014).

Đường Lên Chùa Thầy - Trần Duy

The “Bathing” was done in 1937-1938, priced at 562,500 Hong Kong dollars (nearly 1.6 billion dong).

Đi Tắm - Lê Phổ

The “Melody” of artist Mai Trung Thu.

Giai Điệu - Mai Trung Thứ

The “Portrait of a Vietnamese boy” used to cost 225,000 Hong Kong dollars (631 million).

Chân Dung Một Cậu Bé Việt Nam - Lê Phổ

The picture “Young woman drinking tea” by painter Vu Cao Dam (1908-2000).

Thiếu Nữ Uống Trà - Vũ Cao Đàm

Luu Van Sin’s Les Parasoliers was sold for $ 112,062 at Christie’s Hongkong in 2013

Les Parasoliers - Luu Van Sin

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