Interesting Points About Tea

Have you asked how to drink tea? Tea has antioxidant properties.

0. Interesting points about tea

a. There are only two main pronunciations: Rub and Tea (Min Nan), from 茶, more ancient words.

b. In the ways of processing tea, green tea and white tea, antioxidants are good.

c. Sweet tea is good.

d. Loose leaf tea is a good grade. The bigger the better.

e. Tea bag filter is tea chips. Teavana & Coffee Bean showing off “loose leaf” is also tea leaves.

f. The reason why British tea and milk tea use black tea (black tea) is because the black tea is the best in flavoring.

g. The wine is longer and tastier (mellow) but 6 years starts to eat (except for special wines). Turkish bread (緊壓 / brick) for 20 years, then crushed. Whoever shows Prussia to take a long time to see it like that is how to cut it.

hour. TWG made since 2008 but to 1837 algebra, who wants to understand it. TWG makes tea crumbs. Even the Grand Crus $ 1000 50g is also far behind other grades of tea at the same price. TWG apprentices Mariage Frères, but more kindly than Ralph Lauren studied Brooks Brothers and then countered.

i. In the 13th century, Marco Polo was the first to bring tea from China to Italy. Dutch tea trade to Europe. He planted tea in India because it was easier to control India than China. Excluding filter tea bag makers such as Lipton, Dilmah, the maker of decent European tea is France: Mariage Frères.

hour. British High Tea is to let workers eat carb to have the power to make a choir. “High” to distinguish from the “low tea” of the aristocratic mother who is sitting eight (melons) story of the lower.

k. The best cold brew tea is Gyokuro 玉露 Ngoc Lo.

l. The hotel lounge serving the best tea in Saigon is Sofitel because of Tetsubin 鉄 瓶. Hanoi has not gone much yet dare to conclude, Casa Italia and Metropole are fine.

m. Tea in the best milk tea shop in Vietnam is: Gong Cha green tea, no sugar without milk.

n. In terms of physics, countries make the best tea serving tools: Japan, Ottoman, Nepal – Bhutan – Tibet, Taiwan.

o. Tea is applied to the skin for anti-aging, see the following 2 words in the composition: EGCG, and Camellia sinesis.

p. Café to apply to anti-aging skin, Coffeeberry is better than Caffeine. Coffeeberry only Priori.

1. Bach Hao Ngan Cham 白毫 银针

The lightest oxidized white tea in the tea roasting style.

White: white. Hao: hair. Bank: silver. Accupuncture.

Bach Hao Ngan is a fluffy tea picked in Phuc Dinh town, Ninh Duc town, Fujian province. Tea leaves are intact and visible on the leaves.

Processing: white tea is the least fermented.

The most antioxidant effect.

Taste: Light sweet, like freshly cut grass, almost like water.

Water color: Light yellow.

Good type is about 20 countries.

Being able to drink the leaves of the dragon, it is not too commercial.

2. West Lake Long Prefectural Qingming 西湖 龍井

Long: dragon. Province: wells.

The author likes best in green tea.

Batch good out sweet taste like eating chestnuts.

The most delicious products are grown in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang is the place to sell silk and produce The Voice China.

The best batch picked right before Thanh Minh.

In the past, I went to King. Now give the tools to all the tools to give each other.

To the hands of ordinary people like me, we must use all the tricks to have it.

Probability to catch a package right West Ho Long Pre-Thanh Minh Province is too low.
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