Causes Of Stretch Marks

Causes Of Stretch Marks

* Birth. The body releases glucocorticoid that reduces collagen.
* Practice gym up. The body swells, the skin develops irregularly. Usually found in areas: thigh, shoulder, chest.

Substances that reduce stretch marks. I brought myself to test almost all of these items.

1. Copper peptide

Copper peptide stimulates collagen and heals wounds.

Good copper peptide products:
* Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Anti-Aging Body Lift. Beautiful green packaging. Reference price: $ 95 not including shipping tax.
* NCN GHK-Cu Copper Peptide Amino Complex. Texture: light soluble serum on the skin. Reference price: $ 75

See detailed copper here

2. Camellia Oil

Delicious product: Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil
Texture: slightly soluble on skin, light fragrance.
Reference price: $ 56.


3. Straighten collagen

The collagen problem is the Dalton rule. The molecule is less than 500 Dalton (800 too) to penetrate the skin. Collagen molecules 15000 to 50000 Dalton cheats. As a result, collagen is applied to the skin, it is on the surface of the skin, moisturizing but not penetrating.
There are 2 solutions (i) drinking (ii) compression.

Oral products: When taking collagen, collagen molecules are broken down by the intestine into lost amino acids. However, the probability of collagen acting on the skin is about 15%. Do not use straight collagen, but use collagen in combination with absorbed peptides.
Drinking products: Sparkle.

Compressed products: Yes Sabrina Collagen Rx Plus claims to compress collagen molecules to penetrate into the skin. This dish has not tested, when the test will update.
Reference price: $ 79.


4. Vegetable cheeks


5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E products are full.

6. Retinol

Retinol will only work with new and unbleached stretch marks.
To be safe, retinol should NOT be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

Good retinol products:
* 1.5% Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM. Texture: liquid serum like water. Reference price: $ 65.
* 2% Retinol NCN. Texture: yellow cream, melt fast. Reference price: $ 68.
* Paula’s Choice Resist Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment. Texture: white cream, absorbent very fast. Reference price: $ 29.


7. Lactic acid

There is doubt that Glycolic acid affects pregnant women. So use Lactic acid better.
Product Lactic acid for body: Prior to Advanced A 20 Hand and Body Revitalizing Lotion. Texture: light blue cream, sour smell of acid, the feeling of cool like mint, quite soluble. Reference price: $ 39.

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