7 Questions in Investment in Technology and Media Industry

Have you asked me to share the investment in Technology and Media industry.

OK, thanks. Content is:
1. Where is the value of the industry?
2. Methods of valuation of Technology & Media industry.
3. How to read specialized indicators. How to map specialized indicators for pricing.
4. How artificial intelligence and machine learning in Media industry create 75 billion USD company.
5. Industry trends.
6. How to make money. How to key stock exactly Amazon, Facebook.
7. China has overtaken the United States in all areas.

Summary of the meeting with the technology industry investment brothers

1. Why is the Media Tech industry valuation using other DCF methods?

a. The trend of shifting from advertising in [TV + radio + paper display + static billboard] to digital + interactive devices.
Result: download number of AdSpend see the trend.
Therefore, trailing multiples usage is missing.

b. The market is not “winner takes all” but there will be about 2 to 4 friends, depending on the niche.
Because of the “top winners take most” issue, you must bet.

2. How to value the Media Tech industry

a. The consequence of 1a is:
Use DAU and / or MAU.
Value = DAU * ARPU
For example, the value of a Chinese AI reader is $ 420 / DAU.

Dependent DAU: (i) experience (ii) create use case for regular users.

ARPU depends on the following factors:
(i) Advertising spending growth, spent on customer acquisition of brands & agencies.
(ii) Product / information relevance for users.
(iii) Relevance displays advertising / referral.
(iv) User segmentation.
(v) Income, willingness to spend, user spending habits.
(vi) Infrastructure of tools to get money from end users.

This nature is a multiple / comparable; change input assumptions for the industry.

b. Interest is a good bonus

c. Transaction comparables are based on transactions that took place.
You can add premium or discount on: internet penetration, mobile penetration, population, GDP PPP per capital, willingness to spend.

3. Why did I just throw money in real estate stocks for several sessions? Why 😯

4. How to increase operational efficiency in Jakarta and Manila.

5. Eat any ATC money.

6. Data Analytics industry, Machine Learning is like.

7. Top-down trend of Private Equity funds investing in Technology, Media, Data.

8. Financial engineering for verticals.

9. Application of bond tranches to alternative assets array.

10. There are people who find it very poor on Facebook but seeing them, they have money to buy clothes.

(Google Transalte from FB Tai Tran)

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